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Musing About

Have you ever considered learning to play the bagpipes? I have. There’s even a bagpipe chanter tucked away in my storage waiting for the day I start blowing those pipes.

If choosing one word to describe my creative endeavors, it would be, “curious.” Had I understood all the many expressions of art when I was a school girl, I probably would have gone to an art school.

But in those days I thought art school was only about drawing and painting. There’s so much more to the arts than that.

As an adult I suffered from a lack of focus in the pursuit of arts and crafts and my path wandered from throwing pottery to painting ceramics; from photography to candle making; from jewelry design and crafting to wearable fabric art.

I’ve sung everything from Barbershop to Brahms – from acapella to with chorus & full orchestra. I’ve been a…

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About The Musey Lady

After a long, successful career as an Administrative Professional, Charlotte Humes retired as a non-profit Board Governance Coordinator in 2013. She is now self-employed, exploring new opportunities as a writer, Community Director for Achieveopedia.com and occasional voice over artist. Spare time activities include designing and creating fine crafted jewelry, and photography. She is a trained vocalist and alto soloist with an eclectic taste in music ranging from Barbershop to choral master works, and from rock 'n roll to Broadway. Her blog Musing About is intended to share the richness all art forms contribute to our lives at all stages of life. She hopes to impart to her readers curiosity and a desire to explore artistic expression.
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