At least one change just got easier!

I saw my corrective muscle therapist today.  Short form of long story – A few years ago my bicep tendon was off my shoulder.  It was this way for about a year before my progressively more and more “frozen shoulder” drove me to see a gentleman who performs corrective muscle therapy.  He identified the problem and put the tendon back on my shoulder where it belonged  (Yes.  Ouch!!) Then, overtime repositioned my back and shoulder muscles that had moved in to compensate for the bicep tendon and keep my arm in my shoulder.  All is good now.  Anyway, I mentioned to him that I had joined a gym and was going to consult with their trainer.  (This gentleman is also a qualified trainer.)  He suggested to me that the absolute best thing I could do begin a fitness regimen would be to get into the gym’s pool and tread water. He said that an important part of Olympic Diver Greg Louganis’ competitive training was treading water – for up to an hour.  It seems that treading water engages a lot more muscles than cycling or elliptical machines.  Core muscles, legs, arms, feet and hands – are all working to keep one upright in the water and the buoyancy of the water makes the exercise good for the joints.

Well, well, well!! The dreaded need “exercise” just stopped being “dreaded”.  I love the water and the gym’s pool was going to be one of my stops.  Classes in Aqua Aerobics and even Aqua Zumba were the most attractive.  But now it turns out the best thing I can do when I’m not taking an aqua class is just tread water – and increase the time I’m able to keep on treading.

Alright then! One positive change is easier.  You may think this change to be positive just because it meets my personal fitness needs.  I would tell you, though, that it will also be an important part of my new field.  There’s a saying that “It’s not over until the fat lady sings” but fitness is an important part of vocal production.  A singer — speaker — relies on the support of the entire body, but especially the diaphragm and chest muscles in order to produce sound.  The singer or speaker who places their voice in their throat not only doesn’t produce sound correctly but places their voice at risk for damage.  So there are two strong reasons for me to begin a fitness regime – my general health and the quality and health of my voice.

Tomorrow I’m off to the gym – to the pool.  An aqua aerobics class and treading water are on the top of my morning to do list.  While I may be off to initiate a change in my habits, I’m also off to have fun.

About The Musey Lady

After a long, successful career as an Administrative Professional, Charlotte Humes retired as a non-profit Board Governance Coordinator in 2013. She is now self-employed, exploring new opportunities as a writer, Community Director for and occasional voice over artist. Spare time activities include designing and creating fine crafted jewelry, and photography. She is a trained vocalist and alto soloist with an eclectic taste in music ranging from Barbershop to choral master works, and from rock 'n roll to Broadway. Her blog Musing About is intended to share the richness all art forms contribute to our lives at all stages of life. She hopes to impart to her readers curiosity and a desire to explore artistic expression.
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3 Responses to At least one change just got easier!

  1. Jerilyn Gainsford Henderson says:

    How very informative,and fun! Enjoy your fitness training.Actually,in my college swimming classes and lifesavi g,I loved the treading water part . Guess I should do it again.

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