The Countdown Is On

Come April 1 I’ll be self-employed.  It’s exciting and scary at the same time.  Here is where the rubber meets the road.  It’s easy to talk about believing when you’re sitting back waiting for some day in the future to happen but now that day is nearing and it’s time to make it so.  That’s the harder part of the job.

The end of March I’ll be ending a long career as an Administrative Professional; April 1st, it’s no April Fool, I’ll be a self-employed Freelance Voice Over Artist. ((Sigh)) As I said – scary and exciting.

I was SO excited about this a couple of months ago.  I was ready. I had momentum.  My head was ready.  Then there was this brief delay.  I think that watching the Superbowl didn’t help me.  I saw a delay in the game take the wind out of the sails of the Ravens.  Even though the Ravens ultimately won, it was close.  At various times since then, I’ve found myself concerned about my own momentum – the power of my own belief to make this change of mine successful.

I’m a strong believer in the impact positive and negative energy and beliefs have on our health and our lives.  We are what we think – what we believe. The countdown is on and it’s important for me to re-energize.  Here I am, sitting in the audience of Peter Pan again, clapping has hard as I can and chanting “I believe! I believe! I believe!” Ah, would that it were as easy as clapping and chanting “I believe!” Nonetheless, it’s a reminder to me to push aside the negative. I need to surround myself with positive, encouraging people and keep my own thoughts on the same track.  I DO believe.  And I believe as well that when one is following one’s heart – one’s passion it’s that much easier.

Has there been a delay that’s shut down the momentum of a positive change in your life?  Do you see negativity around – whether yours or others?  Do you realize just how much negative, wishy-washy thoughts and energy can impact your ability to achieve those things you want?  It’s Spring.  Nature will be springing up all around.  The dark and grey is leaving and the sun and color returning.  It’s a good time to leave negativity behind.  Here’s to the coming Spring!  Here’s to hope and belief and the ability to take our hearts’ desires and make them so. Here’s to the sound of Rockin’ Robin  rockin’ and boppin’ in that treetop singing with every twiddlie deetilie deet the encouragement of Spring.

About The Musey Lady

After a long, successful career as an Administrative Professional, Charlotte Humes retired as a non-profit Board Governance Coordinator in 2013. She is now self-employed, exploring new opportunities as a writer, Community Director for and occasional voice over artist. Spare time activities include designing and creating fine crafted jewelry, and photography. She is a trained vocalist and alto soloist with an eclectic taste in music ranging from Barbershop to choral master works, and from rock 'n roll to Broadway. Her blog Musing About is intended to share the richness all art forms contribute to our lives at all stages of life. She hopes to impart to her readers curiosity and a desire to explore artistic expression.
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3 Responses to The Countdown Is On

  1. Wallace Studios says:

    Keep putting those feet in front of the other. Even when you think you’re not making progress, if you’ve moving, you’re moving in the right direction.

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